Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Gig in Fiverr 2020

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Gig in Fiverr 2020

  • May 11, 2020

For anyone with a bit of time and skills to spare, earning through Fiverr might sound like the perfect plan... until you dive in and realize that getting a job is not as easy as it seems. After all, it is one of the most popular internet-earning websites and you are definitely not the only one interested in it. Is there anything more painful than the thought of your perfectly crafted gig getting lost in an ocean of similar gigs? Fear not, for we are here to guide you on your Fiverr journey from zero to millions of dollars. Yes, we do mean it. The potential to be the next successful Fiverr entrepreneur is within you!

Fiverr is an online platform where services are sold starting at a minimum price of $5. Sellers place their gigs and buyers hire a seller with a gig that best suits their interests. Once you figure out how it works, Fiverr is doubtlessly an amazing platform for your side-hustle or even your full-time job. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not “just luck” that takes you to the hall of fame in Fiverr; it’s dedication, tactics and hard work.

Whether you are completely new to the platform or quite experienced, there’s always room for improvement, and tips and tricks to ease your walk. Here is a set of such tricks that we are sure would help you.

Understand How It Works

The search algorithm of Fiverr ranks gigs based on the number of reviews you get, your conversion rate (the percentage of buyers who view your offering that end up buying your service), the tags you use in your gig and your description. When your gig appears higher up in search results, you have a better chance at being viewed by buyers. You can’t directly manipulate all the factors affecting your rank, and that’s exactly where your tactical skills come in handy.

Find the Perfect Subcategory

Upon joining Fiverr as a seller, you will be asked to create a gig of your own. It is important that you take time to consider your skills as well as levels of demand to select the ideal category for you. The best way to do this is to get into the shoes of a buyer.

Browse through Fiverr as a buyer and select the main categories that match your skills from the menu. Explore the subcategories within each category, and use the menu on the left side of the page to view the refinements available. These are the services that most buyers will be looking for, so these are what you better provide.

Gauge the Competition

Once you figure out the service you want to provide, it’s time to check out who you are competing with. When you select a subcategory, what is displayed by default is the list of recommended service providers. However, most service providers will be more interested in bestselling service providers. Change your view from “recommended” to “bestselling” and go through the search results. These are the best in the game in your category, and you can take them as examples when you draft your gig. Pay attention to the services they offer, their descriptions, and their tags; and consider whether there is anything you can offer that they can’t.

Create an Eye-catching Gig

When you create your gig, make sure you pay extra attention to the title. With so many sellers available, the buyers are most likely to skim through the titles till they find one that catches their attention. Use adjectives to make your gig stand out, and include a little “bait” such as an additional service or a fast delivery time.

You might be aware of the fact that a gig could contain multiple packages. Including a few packages increases your chance of getting selected by a buyer. Write an appealing description for each package, including details that sets you apart from other sellers, links to prior work you have done, and FAQ regarding your work. Select tags that best describe your service to grab the attention of the buyer. Refer the gigs of popular sellers to get an idea about these steps.

Enhance Your Gig with Visual Media

Needless to say, the more people see your gig, the more chances you have of getting a job. Creating a gig video could easily double your visibility. Since gig videos are limited to a length of 75 seconds, make sure you make it interesting and on point. You can make your video more appealing by using a pleasant background and good lighting conditions. A little bit of personality can go a long way, so showcase yourself as friendly and confident by maintaining eye contact with the camera and using pleasant facial expressions. 

If possible, add images of your previous works to the gig gallery. This enables the buyer to gauge your performance and makes it easier for him to trust you.

Pay Attention to Your Prices

Your services can be priced at any value from $5 to $995. Always make sure you set a reasonable price for your services. If your price is too low, your efforts might go unrewarded, and if it is too high, buyers might decide that it is not worthy to pay that much for that service. Keep in mind that no matter how good you are at your work, the buyers don’t have any proof of it when you are a novice to the platform. It is better to go with a lower price in the beginning and increase your price as you level up and gain good ratings. Many customers will be willing to pay a higher price for your work once you develop a good reputation on Fiverr. 

Market Your Gig

Use your social media platforms to market your gig. Share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Viber… and yes, even Quora! Fiverr recommends using Quora to market your gig. You can answer questions related to your field of expertise and include the link to your gig in them. And if you’re willing to walk that extra mile, use Facebook and Instagram ads to market your gig. Yes, you will be spending a bit of money, but wouldn’t it all be worthy if it helps you earn more?

Just so you know, getting a friend to purchase your service on Fiverr and give you a five-star rating along with a brilliant review isn’t illegal either.

Create Multiple Gigs

Instead of making a single general gig covering multiple subcategories, make a separate specific gig for each sub category. This makes your gig more closely related to the subcategory involved, making it more likely to appear higher up in search results. Obviously, this increases your chances of getting a job.

All these tips will greatly assist you in creating the perfect gig on Fiverr, but one thing you need to remember is that success does not necessarily come overnight. Be patient and keep working, and we assure you that in the end, all your hard work will be well rewarded. Keep up with Fivlytics for more tips and tricks on modelling your Fiverr career to absolute perfection… We promise to bring you news on latest updates and strategies as soon as we discover them. Keep your fingers crossed and your notifications on, and we wish you the very best of luck with your Fiverr endeavors!