Fivlytics Partner Program

Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns with Fivlytics

Fivlytics has more than thousands of daily page views registered users. Users from all over the world uses our tools and engage with our services. If you are looking to reach young, business minded and tech biased audience, Fivlytics is the best place to advertise your product or service. Want to know more about our audience? Download our profile here.

Fivlytics supports wide range of advertising campaigns with competitive pricing scheme. Feel free to contact our marketing team for any clarification.

Supported Ad Types
  • Banner Ads
  • Youtube Video Promotion
  • Fiverr Courses/ Ebay Courses and Other Courses, Workshops Promotion
  • Fiverr Profile Promotion HOT
  • Blogs / Guest Posts

Get Advertising Guide

Download Fivlytics advertising guide and audience analytics. Find our values, potential audience and pricing for your advertising campaign.

Banner Ads

We allocate 5 places to put your banner ads. We support landscape (1200 x 100 px size) and square ads (500 x 500 px size) with a link. We allow jpeg and gif images and maximum size should be 2 MB.

Ad Locations,

Workshops & Courses

We have a separate page to advertise Fiverr Workshops, Ebay and other tech related courses and workshops. We give this low budget option for instructors and institution without affording for Banner Ads. The courses will advertise in our social media network as well.

Youtube Videos

Want to reach young tech biased audience for your Youtube channel. Publish your videos in our video collection. We offer lowest pricing to advertise in our website as well as Facebook Groups, Pages and other social media. Your video should be in English Language. If your video use another language, English captions are required.

Fiverr Profile Promotion

Looking for thousands of gig views and impressions. Advertise your gig in Fivlytics. We have 6 slots available per week.

Guest Posts / Blog Posts

Fivlytics offer guest posts with backlinks to your website for 100% free. You can publish your article on our blog with 2 do follow backlinks to your website. Since this is free, you need to put our website or ad on your website or blog post.

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