Helpful Tips in getting started on Fiverr in 2020

Helpful Tips in getting started on Fiverr in 2020

  • May 16, 2020

The gig economy is booming, and the competition within these sites have reached a very intense point. But is it too late to start on Fiverr? Not really, Armed with the right knowledge, beginners too can reap the benefit from this expanding gold mine. Following are a few tips to consider on the factors you need to consider when starting a gig on Fiverr in 2020.

Offer a Unique Service

The marketplace is currently expanded to a level where there are millions of buyers and sellers on Fiverr. So this obviously means that most of the types of services on Fiverr already have pretty heavy competition. But is it too late to enter the gig market?

Of course not, since the types of services that are offered on fiverr are constantly expanding, beginners are encouraged to think of a unique service to offer rather than the traditional gigs that are already packed with competition. Since most of these  gigs have a ton of reviews to instantly build trust with the buyer, it would be very unlikely to be noticed in the beginning.

Offering a unique service would mean low competition, and thereby increasing the likelihood for you to get orders for that type of service. For a beginner this would be crucial since the initial orders you receive would be a great way to get the ball rolling rather than waiting for requests for days. Receiving the first few gigs and subsequently the reviews would enable you to establish yourself as a pioneer in that new service segment and will help you to establish a strong presence in the future.

Pricing strategy – Undercutting the Competition

Initially in order to attract buyers to your gig and thereafter establish good reviews of your gig, you’ll have to look at offering you services for a comparatively lower price than your competition. Compare similar gigs and see to identify the average price point across similar gigs, thereafter identify the price that you can offer that would undercut the competitors whilst not being unprofitable to you as well.

For a beginner a starting point would be to identify the price range from the top sellers to the new gigs posted and their price points. Your starting point would be to compete with the newly established gigs to compete for the initial orders, after which whilst gaining reviews and ratings you can increase the price to reflect your experience and expertise. 

Create a Video to Describe your Service

A truly effective way to engage your buyer is to add a video to describe your service. As a large amount of information can be presented in a matter of minutes whilst appealing to the visual sense and audible sense. A seller can truly set himself apart themselves from the rest of the competition through this. It goes without saying that the visual cues, the script, the videography and the total quality of the output matters for an appealing video. 

However note that this is apart from all the keyword and gig title optimization carried out on your gig descriptions. as Fiverr’s search results would identify the keywords mainly used in those. 

Use Your Social Network for Initial Sales

The initial sale can be a daunting task, and if it takes a while for a buyer request to come through, it could quite frankly be disheartening. A method to avert this and improve your gigs in the start would be to use your social circle outside of fiverr. It could be family or friends, colleagues or facebook groups that share gigs. This approach can enable you to get the initial traffic to your gig and drive up the impressions on your gig. Further if you are able to convert a couple of these to sales, they can leave a positive review that will help you in the future to establish authenticity of your gig and drive buyers to your gig through the fiverr search.