3 Easy Tips to Get More Orders in Fiverr

3 Easy Tips to Get More Orders in Fiverr

  • May 13, 2020

If your gig is optimized well and you have done all the correct things to get more impressions and bring your gig up in the search results. Well you definitely have improved your chances in getting more buyers, bout how do we get to that top 10% of sellers who get constant orders? These are a few additional tips that will help you get more orders and get you into the top seller status. 

Appear Online and Available Often During the Day

Imagine for a second that you are a buyer, and you are now comparing gigs for an immediate work requirement. All the gigs look more or less similar with good ratings and reviews and show a good portfolio of previous work. How would you choose someone to work with? Wouldn’t it be someone who you can contact immediately and answer your questions? 

There you go, a crucial aspect of getting more orders is appearing online often and being available to your buyers. Since buyers would see all the top 10 gigs and would notice to see a seller online, they would pretty much be prompted to message them to ask any questions they have. So to the buyer, psychologically once they have engaged with seller and you check the boxes in closing a deal, they are pretty much good to go with that buyer. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this since sitting in front of the laptop all day expecting a buyer message wouldn’t be the best use of time. 

  • Is to download the mobile app version of Fiverr, therefore you can instantly respond to any messages you receive.
  • Is to open a tab in your browser and keep it logged in to your Fiverr account and carry on with your work as it will notify you when you receive a message. 

Respond Fast!

This tip is more in unison with the tip No.1 above. Since it would be no point if you are online but is not responding. So make sure that you do what is mentioned in the above tip and when you get an inquiry respond fast. Because quite simply if you don’t, someone else will. 

A point to note hear is when you do respond, keep your response to the point that the buyer asks. If the buyer is asking how long will it take for you to complete a project? Keep it simple and answer to the exact point in a professional manner.

Reviews go a long way, Yours, and the Buyers  

Yours Reviews

It’s no big secret that reviews are an essential factor on your profile to build trust with your buyer. Leaving a review is up to the buyer, you could sincerely ask the buyer to leave a review of what they thought of your work and how it was to work with them, and more how it helped them. Since Fiverr is a community platform the more positive reviews that you have, it will be easy to establish authenticity and trust with a new buyer who looking for a service provider. 

Buyer Reviews

On the Flip side, leaving a buyer review on their profile can go a long way in getting your future orders as well. Since you can rate and review on how it was a pleasure it was working with them and in which aspects were you able to help them out. 

This would be a free marketing tool for you since whoever checks that buyers profile would see your name and may click-through and see what you are all about. Also if these buyers were repeat buyers don’t forget to mention appreciating and thanking them for considering them for multiple times and that you value working with them. This is a strong way to establish how trustworthy you are to get the job done.

This is free marketing at its finest and more orders you complete, the more marketing seeds you can plant across Fiverr.