Losing Clients Due to Delivery Time?

Losing Clients Due to Delivery Time?

  • May 29, 2020

As a Fiverr seller, there are so many things that can make you appealing to potential clients. Buyers are not only focusing on your prices. Everything from your pricing structure and packages to the way you describe your product can set you apart from other sellers and get more clients.

When looking at  major success stories of Fiverr sellers who make tremendous amount of money through Fiverr, one thing that most of them mentioned is that clients are really found of Sellers who can give them a product o r service in a reasonable amount of time. This includes the quick respond time. 

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 Most clients would prefer to wrap up a transaction immediately, but that is not always realistic for the Fiverr seller. So, what are the guidelines for setting up a delivery time that makes your clients happy but doesn’t drive you crazy?

Don’t Drive Yourself Crazy

A rigid delivery deadline can make you feel like you’re completing a lot and lead to making a lot of money. But if you are constantly feeling exhausted, is it really worth it? The answer is “No”. hence make sure you’re allowing yourself some resting.

Be aware of External Circumstances 

When setting time for your orders, most of the Fiverr sellers do not care about the external factors and only consider about the time spend for the specific workloads. Let’s say you’ve decided that 36 hours feels like the right amount of time to deliver your product or service to a customer. While this may be plenty of time for you to do the actual work, don’t forget external circumstances.

For instance, you have a Fiverr gig for system bug fixing. What would happen, if your computer is not functioning well to facilitate the client’s requirement. Situation like this, if you set the delivery time based on internal factors and you cannot delivery the requirement withing agreed period, you will be in trouble and end up losing client’s trust.

Hence please consider about external factors when setting delivery time for your orders.

Always be a Learner 

You can change your Gig delivery times whenever you want, so if you find you’re always running late on projects, or if you get another job, by all means change your profile. Also, don’t forget to look at other Fiverr members and see how fast they work. This can give you a good idea of what customers generally expect.

Finding a Middle Ground

If you promise to create logos in 12 hours or less, chances are you’ll have lots people asking you to do work for them. And while 12 hours might be fine to create a single logo, can you create seven or eight in that time? Doubtful.

On the flip side, giving yourself too much padding will make you unappealing. The trick is to find the middle ground that’s just right.