Microsoft Office Lifetime License

  • Feb 14, 2023

Microsoft Office has become the go-to software suite in today's technologically advancing world; allowing users to create polished documents, organize complex data sets and build eye-catching presentations with ease. While Microsoft offers both subscription-based and one-time purchase options for Office, some users prefer to acquire a lifetime license for the software.


Microsoft Office 2016 is the ultimate upgrade to its predecessor, offering variation and customization for any user. Tailored packages are designed to suit personal or professional need & ensure compatibility with Windows 7 - or later versions of this popular OS. Get ready to experience productivity like never before!

Office 2016 follows you.

With OneDrive, you can keep your work on-the-go and continue making progress from any location. Access all of your projects in one convenient place to stay productive wherever life takes you!

Access on any device.

With the power of optimization, you can now work on your documents from any device as touching makes it easier than ever. Find yourself in a world where accessing and managing files is seamless regardless of what gadgets you are using.

Promotes teamwork.

Now it's easier than ever to collaborate and share your work with others! With just one click you can make progress on projects together in Word, PowerPoint or OneNote. Thanks to improved functions and features working as a team has never been simpler.

Enhanced integration.

Office 2016 brings you the power of a personal assistant in your pocket! Use Bing, Cortana and Tell Me to get web results for research projects, find out details about upcoming meetings or quickly learn how to use essential Word, Excel and PowerPoint features. Elevate every task with Office 2016's intuitive tools—it's like having a virtual assistant right at your fingertips!