4 Basic Steps to Follow to Get 5-Star Ratings on your Fiverr gigs

4 Basic Steps to Follow to Get 5-Star Ratings on your Fiverr gigs

  • May 20, 2020

Be professional, polite and courteous from the beginning

The reason why buyers visit Fiverr and look for expertise is that they themselves do not understand how to get the job done. Therefore it usually means that the buyer might not have a good understanding about the subject and the seller will be required to explain and educate the buyer on certain instances. Throughout this point its common sense that you must at all times be extremely professional, polite and courteous from the beginning even though the conversation could or could not lead to a buy.  

Since if they do go ahead with you and buy your service, at the end of it will remember how you helped them to understand the whole process and helped you to get what they required. Therefore buyers will most of the time appreciate that fact and would leave a positive review about your work. 

So always, Help people before selling to people!

Listen to your Buyers

Often time’s sellers would rush the dialogue with the buyer in order to quickly place the order. We strongly suggest that you do not do this. Because often times the delivery output may not be as how the buyer envisioned and will lead to a dissatisfied client. And a dissatisfied review is going to do more damage than in the long run than earning a few bucks quickly. 

So our advice is to have a good dialogue with the buyer to fully understand what his/her requirements. Often times the buyers ask the questions from the seller, which is okay. Answer these questions to the point and truthfully. But what can set you apart as an expert is when you start asking the questions. This will indicate to your buyer that you know you’re jazz. Ask specific questions on how they want their outcome to look like which will help you to see the final product that they want. 

Deliver high quality work only 

There is absolutely no way that you can expect a 5 start rating for poor quality work. If a buyer is willing to pay for a service after they trust you with it, and the deliver is not top-notch. It’s highly unlikely that the buyer would leave a 5 star rating. You can put yourself in such a situation and ask yourself, would you? 

Therefore, always deliver the best quality work to your buyers. Deliver what they expected and if possible go that extra mile and exceed their expectations. Regardless of your price point, whether it $5 or $5000, always deliver the best you can. Since buyers notice it and leave reviews accordingly. 

Therefore I suggest that you have an honest review with your gigs if you are pondering why your reviews are not as expected. If delivery quality is an issue, you have to put in the work to up your game and produce high quality work as it will definitely will pay out in the long run. 

Walk the Talk – Be honest about your skills and abilities. 

Often time’s sellers would admit to buyers that they are capable of a request or task that they may or may not have listed as a skill that they are versed in. Ultimately just rushing the buyer to place the order. This would eventually lead the seller producing a poor quality result. 

This definitely leaves a bitter taste with your buyers who would more than be happy to share how they feel about how you have let them down on your gig review. 

Always be truthful to your buyers and let them know what you are capable or not capable of. This will instantly create a sense of professionalism, honesty, integrity and the ability to trust you. Even though if the current buyer request may not be your skill set, since you were able to gain the trust of the buyer. You could expect a good recommendation or repeat inquiry by the same buyer in the future.