5 helpful tips to select and structure the best keywords & gig tags

5 helpful tips to select and structure the best keywords & gig tags

  • May 21, 2020

When standing apart from the rest of the competition means eventual success, its best to invest the time to find out ways to make your Fiverr gig stand out. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to optimize your gig by selecting the most relevant and highly sought after keywords and gig tags.

In this article, we will layout 5 helpful tips to consider to select the best keywords and gig tags that will help your gig to reach to the top of the search results, and we will provide useful tips on how to structure your gig description that effectively communicates to the buyer when they look at your gig description. 

Use the most relevant gig tags. 

When setting up a gig, Fiverr requests you to select certain tags that associates the type of work you provide through your gig. This is when a buyer searches for a service, Fiverr’s search algorithm would filter out the most relevant gigs to the phrase searched. Accordingly fiverr uses these gig tags as an indicator to identify the most relevant gig to show to the buyer.  Therefore, the key is to use gig tags that is most relevant to your gig. 

Brainstorm keywords that people use to describe the type of gig you offer.

A crucial factor for sellers consider is the vocabulary of the buyer when they search for a gig on the fiverr search engine. Since this can be used as the starting point from which we can brainstorm and identify certain keywords that buyers would typically use to define your gig. 

For instance, if you are skilled with photoshop and is looking to provide designing consultancy for brands or Logo’s. It is best to think from a buyer perspective as to how they would search for such designers. It could be “I need a Logo Design”, “I need a Logo for my Business” or being specific to your niche it could be “Logo animation”, “Logo minimalist” and Likewise.  So it’s important to identify keywords that will sound natural and will fit into a search description. 

You could use the aid of the autocomplete function of the fiverr search bar to get an idea of the most frequently typed in phrases relating to your gig and understand the vocabulary of the buyers searching for gigs. 

Another method to find out high ranking keywords is to use available tools to see which keywords are ranked highest. A free and effective too for sellers to use is the Fiverr analytical tool – Fivlytics keyword & Gig rank checker.

Benchmark your chosen keywords and gig tags against top sellers

There is an old saying which says that you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Accordingly, the best way to improve your gig is to benchmark and learn from someone who has been successful and replicate it for yourself. Therefore, after you select your chosen keywords, run a search by yourself and see who pops up as the top gigs. Do a personal study to review of the gigs that portray a similar service as yours and see how their gig differ from yours. 

Accordingly, pay close attention to how they have laid out keywords within their gig title, their gig description and offerings. This will provide you with insight as to the slight tweaks and changes that will enable you to bring your gig up in the search results. For instance, using complimentary words to your keywords (ie: professional resume writing). 

Also, when reviewing multiple top seller gigs, you will be able to see certain keywords repeating in each top seller’s gigs. This is a strong indication that these keywords are highly sought after and therefore should consider to include them in your gig title or description as well. 

Don’t overcrowd keywords in your gig title or gig description 

Well now you might be thinking that if it means the right keywords and gig tags would mean your gig improving your gig position in the search results, using as many keywords and gig tags would skyrocket me right to the top! Well in reality its not like that at all. Since fiverr too is a search engine in some sorts, it looks to provide its users (buyers) the best search results and experience. Accordingly a gig that has its gig title and description just crowded with keywords to the point it is confusing, it might lead to Fiverr negatively ranking your gig. 

Accordingly, the wisest approach is to select a handful of most suitable and sought after keywords and place them naturally within your title and description so it is clear as crystal to the buyer.  

Structure your description with the right keywords

When a buyer goes through your description, they really don’t care about seeing a million keywords. It could be very counterproductive as discussed in the previous point. Rather a buyer would really want to see how you and your gig could help them to achieve what they want. 

So it is best to layout to the in an ordered manner why your gig is the one for them. You can breakdown your gig into the following sub-topics, 

- Why your gig?

This is where you sell yourself, why would someone want to work with you? You can mention here your previous employment records, your qualifications and how much of an expert you are on the subject. Note that you can use gig tags and keywords when mentioning your qualifications or expertise (ie: I am an expert in writing professional email marketing and sales marketing content). 

- Your past experiences and reviews

This is where you can show off your past work, how successful you have been carrying out similar projects in your previous place of employment. Provide a candid picture of your past work and use keywords as efficiently as possible without overcrowding the description. 

- How you can add value to them 

At last you can show how you can add value to their need. How you have created success in the past for previous clients of yours. How reliable and easy to work with you. 

Note that throughout the above three steps, pay attention as to how you can naturally include keywords to your gig that will read out with the required point being made.