Make First $1000 on Fiverr

Make First $1000 on Fiverr

  • May 22, 2020

Hey Fivilytics users, today we are going to tell you some secret points which you can use to earn the first $ 10000 on Fiverr.

Focus on external traffic


As a Fiverr seller, you should focus on external traffic due to the fact that these days social media is a major role in every business. If we take Facebook, it has 1.6Bn uses in 2020. So it is obvious that more than 98% of Fiverr buyers are on Facebook.

Hence promoting your Fiverr gig on Facebook will help you to find new customers. Because you might find a customer who doesn’t even know about Fiverr but still wants to get some work done from hiring someone. So this will be a great opportunity to earn more dollars.

Promoting gigs on Facebook is not enough. There is another thing that you should do in order to attract and find more customers. You should find Facebook groups related to Fiverr and join with them. Then you can post regarding your gig in the groups you joined.


Quora is a powerful platform where most of the questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by internet users. So people come to Quora to ask questions and answer questions as well.  

Now you think how Quora helps Fiverr sellers to get a lot of orders from customers. the good news is that most people are asking questions like how do I find a logo designer? how do I get good graphic designers? And best article writers from my blog etc. 

We will teach you how to promote your gig on Quora 

Assuming you are a Logo designer on Fiverr.

So what you have to do is that you have to search on Quora search bar something like this “How do I find good Logo designers?”. Then you will see the same question on Quora. So you can click the answer button and type something more catchy related to your Fiverr gig.

So when someone is trying to ask the above question, he will view all the answers and if you do as we told, your massage (Answer) will appear to him and it can be a new business order to you.

The other good news is that your answer will be on Quora forever. 

Never miss completing the ten offers

If you are new to Fiverr as a seller, when you go to the buyer request section, you should complete 10 offers per day. The buyer request section is where people post what they want to get done. So what you have to do is to send 10 offers per day. 

By doing this, this is gonna show Fiverr that you are a serious seller who tries to provide some services. This will help you to improve your Fiverr rank.

Competitor review trick

Just assume you are a Logo Designer on Fiverr. The first thing you have to do is that you have to switch to the buyer section and find the category of service which you offer then find a Logo designing gig with good ratings. 

Once you enter into the gig, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see reviews. So you can open up a new tab on the browser. Then you have to copy the reviewer’s name. Thereafter enter name), so you can see the reviewer the profile.

Check like this till you find the profile which is a seller account. Once you find a seller account using the above-mentioned way, it means that the seller has purchased some service from the Logo Designing. So you can contact him by massaging him to expect an order from him. You can negotiate the prices with him

This technique might not work so fast, but once you send a message to that seller, he has your details and he might contact you in the future for orders  

Get more review on a regular basis

You can easily do this by Facebook groups. What you have to do is search “Fiverr review exchange” on the Facebook search bar. There are plenty of groups for review exchange. Find a group with a lot of members and join. Once you join the group, you can make a post like below.

“Guys, who are available for review exchange ?” 

Then people who are fond of exchanging reviews will comment and you can get it done. This is a good strategy to get a lot of reviews.

Increase your gig favorites 

Having a lot of favorites on your gig will be one of the reasons to increase your gig rank. Although gaining favorites is up to the clients, you can make your gig in a way customers will attract to it.