How to Rank your Gig in the First Page in 2020

How to Rank your Gig in the First Page in 2020

  • May 24, 2020

The Fiverr seller landscape is becoming more and more competitive by the day. In order to stand apart from the rest of the competition, approaches have to be tested to bring your gig to the top in order be making consistent orders and a successful gig. Following are 4 tried and tested tips on how to rank your fiverr gig on the first page in 2020. 

Use the right keywords and gig tags – Structuring your title and Gig Description

Fiverr bases its search results mainly on one key point, relevancy. In order to give the buyers the most user friendly and efficient experience, it only pops up the gigs that Fiverr’s algorithm thinks is useful to the buyer. 

This is therefore mainly based on the use of keywords and gig tags that is used within your gig title and description. A full coverage of the topic can be found here, the main key factors to consider are:

Research on the main keywords that are relevant to your gig;
Using fiverrs’s search bar and its auto suggestion feature is a great way to go about this. Since it will present the most relevant and relatable search suggestions to the word you have typed in. 

for instance, if you are a logo designer and is looking to see what key words to use on your gig, typing Logo would bring up suggestions such as ; Logo Design, Logo Business, Logo animation, Logo minimalist and likewise. This therefore is a great initial indicator of the keywords that can be used. 

Use Fiverr Analytical tools to your advantage;
When it is available, make the most of it. There are great free tools that will make your life much easier by giving you an in depth analysis of the keywords and gig tags that you would want to use. A great tool for this would be gig rank and keyword checker

Look at top sellers in your category to identify the keywords they have chosen;
When you look at tops gigs that are similar to what you are looking to offer, you might notice certain keywords repeating throughout the gigs. This is an indication that those keywords are accepted by these top sellers as best to use to direct the traffic. So accordingly you should consider including them to yours as well. 

Structuring your gig description with relevant keywords;
Laying out the right keywords across is crucial in order for the fiverr search algorithm to pick your gig. In the example we looked earlier with the logo design, you can structure your gig likewise;

Gig Title
“I will make an awesome Logo Design”

Gig Description
“Have you been looking for an awesome logo design? 
Well search no further, In this professional logo designing gig, I will make professionally hand crafted logos for business using modern business logo designing methods. 
I have catered to many business with professionally designed logo’s and have ample years of experience in the field.”

Modern Logo, Logo Business, Logo design, minimalist design

Avoid changing the gig titles frequently

In relation to the search criteria, often changing your gig title could be counter-productive than beneficial. Since fiverr too similar to a web search engine would take time to pick up the changes and therefore could loose on the opportunities in that time. Its recommended in that scenario, if you have an idea for a new gig, go through the process of creating a new gig rather than tweaking the existing gig and hindering its growth. 

Create an eye-catching gig thumbnail to increase your Click-through-rate (CTR)

Apart from the relevancy of the keywords you use, another trigger point that make buyers choose one gig over the other is the visual appeal. Fiverr too analyses the click through rates of gigs to identify the sought after gigs by buyers to display them on top. Accordingly, an attractive gig thumbnail that portrays the quality of the service you provide is crucial. 
There are many tools available to create a thumbnail. The most user friendly and easiest of it would be to use to create one. 

Use off Fiverr impression generator methods.   

An easy method to generate impressions and traffic to your gig is to use the fiverr community itself. There are many groups on facebook that help fiverr sellers to promote their gigs within each other. This will enable you to bring In traffic to your gig and increase the perception of fiverr that your gig is quite popular. Accordingly this will increase your chances to bump up your gig to the top search results.